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World of Cyclocross

Cyclocross is gaining in popularity. In fact, it is the most growing sport in the bicycle arena. What many people do not realize is that it has been around for over a hundred years.

It happened like this. Some guy was sitting at home bored and decided to ride outside even though it was cold, wet, and muddy. He had so much fun that he turned it into a sport. I am not sure who invented the game, but Daniel Gousseau of France organized the first cyclocross races in 1902. Maybe, we should give him credit.



The cyclocross bike doesn't carry a bottle water cage, headlamps, or speedometer. The bike should be lean and light. However, the biker should have a way to change a tire. There are pits along the courses (just like in Nascar) where the racer can turn into another bike and have the other one sprayed off or repaired.

A common thing, in the pit, is for someone to have a pressure washer to get off the mud quickly.

Like Nascar, the tires are a huge advantage or disadvantage. The pit crew should have spare wheels, perhaps another full bike (wouldn't that be nice in Nascar), a pressure washer, and parts to repair tires and brakes.

If you are thinking of getting a gift for your fellow cyclocrosser, you might want to get a tiny fanny pack. The real small and light fanny packs are great to carry little things like an energy bar, patch kit, water, or anything else that they might need. Even if they don't use it for racing, it will certainly come in handy for training.

Since cyclocross is a cold weather fall sport, it is also a good idea to get warm winter clothes. Riders prefer a skin-tight “wetsuit” that keeps them warm and isn't bulky. You can see most of the riders wearing these suits.

Other clothing items are the cycling shoes, cycling shorts, helmets, and some regular warm clothes (like sweatshirts) for training. Don't confuse a cyclocross suit with a wetsuit. The cyclocross suit is made with padding in the rear for biking. You need better bicycle for your bike riding you can visit

Cyclocross is Fun

It is a blast to bike over some challenging terrain. People do it all the time from all over the world. That is what you do as a kid. You go out and explore terrain just to see if you can do it. Why? It is fun.

People tend to stay in their home when it gets even a little chilly. Just remember that the proper clothing can keep you toasty warm and you will have a lot more fun than watching television all fall and winter.

The problem people face is that they may not realize they need a little bit of specialized gear to keep it toasty warm and fun. When you go skiing, you see that people have specialized equipment to keep them hot and to have a real time.

Cyclocross is the same concept. You need to think a little bit about what you want to accomplish and perhaps go to a specialty bike store to get you started.

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